Sunday, May 17, 2009

lichen, jack & green

A weekend of lichen, green, and glooming skies suffused with illuminated foliage...
At night the rain poured down in its invisible watery hiss & flow.
We took the lichen chair into the studio where it might dry its damp green display and become a dark, Rembrandtian creature of structure.

...and outside the garden flourished in a quite refusal to borders or linear acknowledgment

The ferns, only half grown, are already fountains...

and the bluebells are little sky bits

just nodding half smiles to jack, hidden beneath the front door yew:

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Orange Tulips

For Mother's Day my son brought me these petaled orbs of lipsticked orange. They alight delicious in the green vase next to the mug with flakes of gold glitter floating in its transparent body. I am one of those people whose brain never stops doing the dance of aesthetic possibility and projection. If I get lucky I am stopped by something that trumps my own internal circus.
It could be art, a bird (the grackles are so beautiful this spring!), a human, a fountain of emotion or just the dead stop of hallelujah.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Spring Garden and other adventures

The lilacs leave their beautiful scent in a stream of wind between the front of the studio and the side, where the white bleeding hearts dangle their pale charms. The ferns unscroll their fronds, the daffodils tell their last tale, and the dandelions dance with the violets in the scruffy grass.

Meanwhile in the bowels of the house a small skirmish occurs between two humans, a dehumidifier and its pump. The dehumidifier attempts suicide by plunging off its (admittedly very low) precipice, its hose mournfully detached from its pump companion. The humans try resuscitation and end up buying a new version at the local True Value. As a last ditch effort it is re-plugged in and finally gasps and breathes. The pump then has surgery to no avail, is shaken, peered at and then plugged in somewhere else where it spits water all over the kitchen floor. The two machines are reunited in their crawl space and left to do whatever they will. Meanwhile the brand new dehumidifier is carried out to the studio and left wheezing away in the sink.