Monday, October 10, 2011

Indian Summer NYC

In the north-eastern quadrant of Central Park is the Conservatory. It is a formally gardened expanse with tunnels of wisteria and exactingly laid-out arrangements of wild grasses and autumn-blooming flowers with the occasional southern exotic flinging huge jungle leaves up against the box, aster and wild roses. The late afternoon sun drenches the green and causes it to rise and drift in the air, an atmosphere of dense otherness. Further north is a loopy, curving pond with ducks streaking across the dark reflected surface and cutting it up into molten calligraphy as they alight. Seagulls fly over, people walk, scooter and talk. A bunch of guys try to rescue their football that is drifting out into the water by slashing at it with a willow frond.
Everywhere you look is a perfect painting......
Its Indian Summer in NYC.