Monday, August 12, 2013

Artist house

Where I live becomes the inside of my head.  Over years it develops a patina of flavor.  It has vistas and it has weather detailing.   There are favorite sites, even views from high places.  They all flow one into another, changing with the time, the light, the mood, and the author's intervention...

Saturday, August 10, 2013


Today I received a missive from someone who had a dream, wherein our recently deceased, mutual friend sent her a message for me.  The message was that he heard me and that he was there (with me).  The dreamer and I have never met, although we have both heard of each other.
So goes the morning.
As I recently told another friend I often feel that I am not good at being a human being.  Not that I'm a bad one, just some confusion about the lay of the land.
Or perhaps a rather huge confusion about the geography of here, and now.
I find the best way to navigate this lack of clarity is to paint.  Then I am making beautiful maps.  I suspect they are largely unrelated to what other humans perceive, but always hope that the tourist delight I take in making them will come across.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Surfing the City sometimes its just too hard to be human.  Let me be a carrot with beautiful hair, or an oak tree with years of days in the sun, the rain, the animal infestations, just growing and loosing my leaves.
And then I go out into the tide of city, cut through the crowd on a good knee day, and perhaps sidle on the others.  The energy surrounds, defiles, uplifts, and regardless of how you feel, will carry you.  The trick is to be in cahoots with it.  This is my buddy; the crazy, giant city, effluence.  I'm with it.  I'm gonna ride this wave till I can't carry the board to the sea, and then I'll hopefully find the sea at my doorstep, my inner door and then at my feet every morning.

Monday, August 5, 2013

NYC August morning

There is a lick of cool in the air, and although it's only the beginning of August I can taste the end of summer before it exhales its last great breath of heat over us.  Since there were those several weeks of truly grim weather--this is a joy, only slightly flavored with the melancholy of change.
I've been working on my new website Wolff Land.  There will be a video sometime, hopefully soon.  Spent a Sunday working with director and camera person which was wonderful.  I hadn't know that you could use a camera lens like a brush.  I liked being directed.  It allowed me to just surf on ideas and images and not think too hard about structure. They even filmed me painting, which at first I was reluctant to do, but the minute I started fooling with colors on a surface the camera didn't seem too important.
All is in flux and I'm almost four weeks five weeks through my six week Intensive Chinese class.  My brain daily takes in a huge amount of information and daily rejects some.  It will be interesting to see what remains when the tide of intensive recedes.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Garden of Light |

The website is up!    You can actually buy prints, or paintings......or just wander through the rooms listening to the paintings talk to each other.   It's a museum, also.
The Wolff Museum

This is just one place you could go:

Garden of Light |