Wednesday, March 11, 2009


photo: Larry Hedrick

Its the time of the fish. Its the time of contradictions, one day the sun's amorous kiss, the next a slap of bitter wind up from the harbor. Its the month of dire weather romance. A good time to bake a cake, paint another picture, and not take oneself too seriously. I, the oneself, have a history of too-serious-taking along with a sort of cavalier what-the-fuckness. Total Pisces.
I salute all the other popcorn brains out there! The finned hither and therers, the lookers for jewels in the ambient chaos.
Personally I run over my birthday on the 15, along with the ghost of Julius (et tu, Wolff?). Smack in the middle of winter and spring tongue tied in a wet, muddy embrace.

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