Friday, November 27, 2009

Old Paintings/New Scans

Oasis & Chaos 1994 72" X 96" oil on linen

City of Green Fire 1998 60" X 108" oil on linen


Duke of Sussex said...

Arrived here via M John's blog and really glad I did.
All of your work is incredible but this has burned itself into my head.
I want to go there.

Mia Wolff said...

Duke of Sussex--so glad you arrived via one of my favorite question--is it the City of Green Fire or the floating lady you wish to visit?
...or does it seem that they inhabit the same place?
I could easily see the Patron Saint of Roses (in the right hand panel of CGF) and the levitating woman getting together.

Duke of Sussex said...

It was your observation of leaves holding light that led me here.
Both beautiful but City of Green Fire did it for me.
I can imagine that little sea horse as the sign of a curious old inn - who knows what strange concoctions they would serve there?
And the Patron Saint of Roses - sounds like a Moorcock character.
That picture could be the hub of so many stories.
Haunting and vibrant stuff, it's really made my day.