Monday, February 15, 2010

Movement III-Valentines in NYC

So day of the inscribed heart, chocolate and pissed off guys I go with a friend to see the new Bollywood movie My Name is Khan. The theater is a surf of Hindi voices. The movie is over-the-top, brilliant in places, ridiculous in others but, for myself, wonderfully satisfying. Off through the night we go to a Chinese restaurant where they speak Mandarin and serve a fantastic fish swimming in a red sea of peppers. Chinese New Years is revving up--its the first day and the place is full and hen gao xing (very happy). We get burnt by the peppers and discover that its year 4 thousand and something. Its also Year of the Metal Tiger. Fueled by peppers and wine we zigzag out into the night and down into a bar with candles in blue glass, ladies with quick eyes wearing very high heels, and a soft, dreamy darkness.
I'm full of arrows shot straight from the bow of the city itself into the drawn heart on my sleeve.
祝 你们 新 年 快乐!

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HemlockMan said...

My nephew called to wish me a Happy New Year. It's nice to have a relative married to someone from a culture other than my own to be reminded that there are such.

NY...yeah, I can see being in love with the place.