Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dinner in Empoli

After having driven all day through the beautiful hills of Umbria, stopping in Assisi, and then San Gimignano in Tuscany we made our way to Empoli and Claudio.
Claudio met us in his old black car in summer dark with his new muscles and russet and green eyes.
He served us dinner on a black table with black plates and wine glasses. There was a red rose. Dinner was a Greek salad and cold pasta with wine we had brought from San Gimignano. After myriad conversations about the particles that we are all made of we went out for ice cream and a walk through the town. An ancient fountain spoke to us, while lions guarded the water.

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american fez said...

So much perspective-altering black in that first photo that i thought the guy (Claudio?) was sitting on the floor when I first looked at it.

Fabulous country, Italy. The people can be both charming and obnoxious at the same time; a trait I have always aspired to.