Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Day, Hot

The temperature is in the nineties. When you go out the sun grabs at you and insists on piercing you with heat. No floating along allowed, just plain old fire arrows.
Hid in the loft and watched Ong Bak 2, a movie of incredible physicality (Tony Jaa), beautiful & rainy scenery, and a rather bleak, tortured ending. Sometimes I just love a balls-to-the-wall martial arts movie.
Working my way through the decades and I still love the adrenalized grace of extreme movement.

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HemlockMan said...

I haven't seen that one. I have many friends who adore those martial arts movies, but I tend to be disappointed when they promise me that I'll enjoy such-and-such at their recommendation. A few I've liked.

The heat has been horrible here. I enjoy hot weather when I don't have to work in it, but this summer has been brutal. Tomorrow is supposed to be our first day under 90 in a long time. It will be appreciated.