Monday, March 10, 2008

lost painting story

This huge painting (maybe 8 feet across or more) was done in the 70's. I bet my boyfriend $100 that he couldn't quit smoking. I lost the bet but didn't have the money, so I gave him this.
He lived (with a myriad of roommates) in a warren of business offices converted briefly to illegal living spaces somewhere in midtown. There was lots of space to hang such a canvas. Of course, when he moved out he had nowhere to take it to, we had lost touch, and he had to leave it.
It is based on a memory of swimming across an upstate lake early in the morning. I would watch the passage of my arm beneath me as the light rippled across its pale length and them disappeared into the depths.
Since then he has told me that he always liked it, and looking at it now, I realize that it was one of the good ones in the years of many misses.


unstrung said...

I like it too. But does that mean it was lost? That you only have the photograph?

Mia Wolff said...

yes, only the slide is left--a rather small bit on information for such a big painting
still, it gives me ideas...