Friday, May 16, 2008

Fire Escape Views

After the the green free form of my garden and the tangle of spring upstate the grey linears of NYC are especially strong in the overcast shroud...
peering off the fire escape along with the pigeons I view my Friday morning geometries:

...looking north is more narrow and darker. Being in New York involves a lot of outdoor living, but the change from in to out is always dramatic, unlike less urban places where the transition is softer. One's nest away from the street usually has a strong individual aura that sets it apart from the overwhelming mass persona on the street. The morning's emptier streets are such a delight--one becomes lighter and physically expanded as your psyche relaxes to interplay with space, leaving off the usual dance of constant interweaving and pin--ball sensitivity.

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HemlockMan said...

Nice views. I've always liked fire escapes. I reckon because they're so alien to my eye.