Monday, June 30, 2008

Green Demon Foliage & return

Here is the garden with studio (foreground) and house (with little tiny kitchen window). The garden reaches out between the two, a demon green tongue grown furry and cocky in the days and days of rain. Everywhere the foliage makes its patterns, overlaying, overlapping, interweaving green on green, lace on leaf, frond on frond, and petals floating, gliding on the foamy tide.

in the midst, a spot of human comfort:

...and then plunging back into green's self:

on the way back into NYC you see the helter skelter of NJ and the promise of Manhattan:

and then the entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel:


HemlockMan said...

Rain! We haven't had any significant rain here in weeks. The drought has returned.

All of that green is amazing to us here in the South where the place is parched.

Last time I was in Lincoln Tunnel there was a traffic jam and we got stuck for some time. I thought I was gonna choke to death.

america fez said...

You should rent "the garden" to Hollywood as a location for shooting jungle movies.