Saturday, August 16, 2008

mirror stare


HemlockMan said...

Amazing self-portrait!

How long did you spend on each of those last three paintings?

Why do you have trouble getting folk to sit for you? (Or were you just kidding about that?)

Mia Wolff said...

I work pretty fast from life--especially if its my son, who is 18 and doesn't like to sit still. He watched a movie on his laptop while I painted--so that one took the length of an Italian movie. The one of myself was harder and longer-but done in 2 days. The bottle was a bit quicker-its easier with objects because we are more forgiving about their likenesses.
Some people don't want to sit--they are adverse to having their faces reproduced, and the time it involves is an issue.
Payment is food and conversation.

HemlockMan said...

When I was a kid I used to do portraits in pencil of my friends. They were pretty accurate, but generally seemed to either displease or surprise my pals.

Someday, if I ever have the time, I'll get back into artwork. But not paints. Just pencil and charcoal.

I bow to those who know and understand color.