Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tidal Heart

Outside the sky has darkened to the point of aquatic coloration, dissimilar to dusk, more akin to Atlantic. Inside I have been working in a pool of light that reaches only so far as the storm darkness pushes against it. I'm enamored of the place of pisces, forever tipping over puddles, tidal pools, runnels, streams and gigantic rivers becoming harbors. I look and look, peering for the beauty and the possibilities.


Mark Reep said...

"I look and look, peering for the beauty and the possibilities."

Yes. So perfectly said. We all find whatever we find, make whatever we make of it. But that looking, peering for beauty, for possibilities- That's at the heart, the beginning of all we do, isn't it.

...Well, speaking for meself, anyway :)

HemlockMan said...

Nice poetry to accompany the painting.