Sunday, September 21, 2008


Upstate, out in the studio, I went through some old paper things and found this. Its a small ink wash/pen drawing based on an image of a painting I did inspired by two horse head masks I made that I had my son put on and run about in while I photographed him:

..and then I came out and discovered a late rose that had reached up and bloomed amid the wild grass heads:


HemlockMan said...

How far is your upstate place from the high country?

It's nice to see late season flowers. Quite often when I'm hiking I will stumble upon something in bloom that is far behind its dead and withered fellows. Generally, I see this kind of thing happening in cool, dark, shadowed places protected by ridges and dark overhanging forest canopies. Rarely in the sun like your rose.

Mia Wolff said...

New Paltz is at the foot of the Shawangunks, very close to the Hudson River...gentle rolling hills into small mountains and ridges that lead to the Catskills.

HemlockMan said...

Oh, yeah! The Gunks. Great climbing area!