Monday, August 5, 2013

NYC August morning

There is a lick of cool in the air, and although it's only the beginning of August I can taste the end of summer before it exhales its last great breath of heat over us.  Since there were those several weeks of truly grim weather--this is a joy, only slightly flavored with the melancholy of change.
I've been working on my new website Wolff Land.  There will be a video sometime, hopefully soon.  Spent a Sunday working with director and camera person which was wonderful.  I hadn't know that you could use a camera lens like a brush.  I liked being directed.  It allowed me to just surf on ideas and images and not think too hard about structure. They even filmed me painting, which at first I was reluctant to do, but the minute I started fooling with colors on a surface the camera didn't seem too important.
All is in flux and I'm almost four weeks five weeks through my six week Intensive Chinese class.  My brain daily takes in a huge amount of information and daily rejects some.  It will be interesting to see what remains when the tide of intensive recedes.

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James Robert Smith said...

The new site is quite good!