Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Surfing the City

...so sometimes its just too hard to be human.  Let me be a carrot with beautiful hair, or an oak tree with years of days in the sun, the rain, the animal infestations, just growing and loosing my leaves.
And then I go out into the tide of city, cut through the crowd on a good knee day, and perhaps sidle on the others.  The energy surrounds, defiles, uplifts, and regardless of how you feel, will carry you.  The trick is to be in cahoots with it.  This is my buddy; the crazy, giant city, effluence.  I'm with it.  I'm gonna ride this wave till I can't carry the board to the sea, and then I'll hopefully find the sea at my doorstep, my inner door and then at my feet every morning.

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