Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Dream Gods & city origins

This is the second painting in the series. Above it is the painting that contains the same city that is sillouetted in its background.
Now we are among the catspiders themselves, rather than hovering in the aerial sweet spot. Time has happened, allowing me to go nuts with sunset, clouds and reflections. The river has become a lake, probably a pause in its impulse to journey. The city comes from the older painting, also based on a dream, called : City of Green Fire. In the course of their narrative outside my sleep, the catspiders and alter-self have transversed the geography of another escaped story. There is another version of myself in the green fire city as the Patron Saint of Roses. She takes roses and turns them into pink fish who swim in the lucent lime air. This is just what artists do. Take one thing and make it into another. The alchemy of dreams into flesh (or the illusion through dirt-in-oil), thought into pattern, words into symbols. The great joy of making marks.

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