Monday, October 15, 2007

pisces moon

Pisces is a fish, actually 2 fish in the symbol, swimming in opposite directions. Really its the attempt to see things from all points of view. Visually this presents some interesting layers of perception. Seen in this photo of the moon from my window are the multiple points of reference: within the window, behind the fire escape iron work, beyond the building's construct, out between buildings, behind the buildings, above the buildings in the night sky, on the moon, outer space. Implied but not seen is the space from where I stand and what is behind me.
There is an Escher piece which rather simply invokes this without using any visual tricks. It is an etching or drawing of water where one can see through the water to a fish, and the surface of the water which reflects its surroundings and also bears a leaf. Its not a new idea but he renders it in a way that illuminates the permutations of the event in a perfectly prosaic condition while invoking all the metaphoric riffs that such an image is possible of.
Here I'm at home. That's what I meant about the fish with an itch to see from everywhere. That's why we swim.
I've recieved the new wood to paint on. When I ordered it built I wasn't thinking about size, only proportions. Now its hanging on the wall, gloriously huge and blank. Its 66 inches by 70 inches.
Its going to be a western. Yes, the fish go there, too.

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