Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Thursday's Jewels

Morning light on a body of water suddenly Caribbean. I have a thing for water. Somehow it is terribly important. Something about its permeability, its transparency, its reflective qualities, and its secrets.
The continuous liquid jewel.
Although the jewels in the title are the catspiders, and Thursday is guru's day. So there you go.
Or you could just get lost in the foliage. That's the thing with stories and visions. They keep zipping off on all these intertwined tangents. Is it any different than what you see as you step out of your doorway?
Every book in my place spills these events if you peal them open. Every place I swing my head to face has this potential.
And then there are all the paintings on the wall. They talk to each other. And the thing is that they laugh. They are far more witty than their parent.

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