Thursday, November 8, 2007


Above my desk in my studio upstate is this small collection of oddments. There are two Eddie Campbells-including one from From Hell, a copy of a Frank Miller drawing he did for Vibe magazine a while back, a small animal skeleton found on the Hudson's edge and various pieces of mine.
The painting on the left is one I did in art school--a dreamy horizon-only landscape. Below it is a watercolor from Sanibel Island. The orange piece in the middle (Burning Up Fish) is probably from the 70's. Below it is a pairing of birds done from life, and below that are two watercolors, also from life from Florida and the Bahamas. The small pink guys to the right of center are portraits of rocks from the 80's. Below them is an encaustic and feather piece: Thief in the Night (1990's). On the right wall is a portrait of my son when he was about 10 and below that is one of my palettes glued onto two pieces of wood. Oh, and the tiny oil next to Frank's drawing is from a series I did on cock fights in the 80's.

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