Sunday, November 18, 2007

laughter, an aside to the Death retrospective

The name of this painting is Element, which is what the two images have in common: laughter. On the left Kali is dancing & laughing in a bombed synagogue in Istanbul. The reference was a terroist attack which had been written up in the New York Times Magazine decades ago. On the right a Tibetan monk is laughing at the moon. My inspiration for that was a Japanese brush painting. I had a postcard of it, although that monk was not Tibetan nor in the Himilayas. I painted them seperately, knowing that I would frame them together. But I didn't have them side by side when I worked on them--each one went up on the wall by itself. So when I had them edge to edge I was surprised that the blue-white light coming in the broken wall of the synagogue continued in the monk painting as moonlight, traveling in the same path down the mountainside.
Magic, isn't it great? Makes you laugh.

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