Saturday, November 24, 2007

The White Horse

Partially from a dream and the rest from a childhood gilded with the equine mythology. And of course the long, long love affair with water. I have spent decades learning to create the illusion of water. Often I will hover over a puddle that is creased with ripples, standing until I have memorized its pattern of silver and shadow. One of the things that fascinates me about limited animation and comics is the way the artists portray weather, and in particular water. I'm always thrilled when I find one doing something completely eccentric and counter-intuitive and making it work. I'm thinking mainly of line and simple color. If you have made friends with paint you can do anything. Black and white is a lot trickier.
I once spent a year living on the Hudson River. My son was very small at the time and the only consistent art work I could do was drawing. So I drew the river over and over: rippling, in rain, frozen-over and breaking up. If a bird was there, in it went. If a dog came by, ditto. When a storm hit I did the trees whipping sideways and the small waves slapping the shaled beach. It was a school of narrow focus and delight.

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