Saturday, January 26, 2008

Dean, King & Walker

So these three have been what I've poured into the brain recently: James Dean via Rebel, Stephen King's new book Duma Key, and Kara Walker at the Whitney. Of the three Dean is the most delightful, and if one were to take cues on lightness of touch that is where to go. King has no lightness but he articulates with a deft, sharp knife, and his creative engine is large enough to invite all to the bonfire. The spillage is generous and there are doggy bags for everyone.
Walker is elegant, exact and repellent. The tapestry has been shredded to leave only certain images that do certain things, no matter how beautifully they are cut. The balance is askew, and though I'm sure this is purposeful, I find I'd rather look at Goya or Golub.

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