Sunday, January 20, 2008

Richard's Show

The other rainy, cold, night I went to an opening of my friend, Richard Nonas, over at Lemmons Contemporary, 11 Harrison Street. Richard's sculptures were on the floor and across the walls. The wall pieces are very small and, dare I say, cuddly. They are minimal in their parentage, but humanist in their metal and wood hearts. Another painter that I was talking to said that he was covetous of them. I completely understood. I wanted to take one home, where I could hang it on the wall and have daily conversations with it. And yet they are just hunks of metal or wood that have been bumped together or somewhat carved out. They are easy to look at but deeply thoughtful.
In the very front of the gallery was a large metal floor piece, as though a slice of dark lake had been delivered there. Here it is being craned to the gallery:

all photos by Jan Meissner

I'm an illusionist, narrative painter interested in epiphanies. I tend to put in everything and the kitchen sink (or studio chandelier as in The City of Green Fire). But I love to see the vision in others, especially when it is honed so close to the naked source as Richard's.

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