Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year's Day

Last night I went out to a New Year's Eve party. On the way to the train a young man approached me. He was lost, looking for Mulberry Street, but heading south on Broadway. It turned out he didn't know north from south, nor east from west. He was from Nepal, going to school in Iowa. I walked him part way there pointing out where he should go and descended into the subway. The party was fun, its hosts sporting kilts and dispensing hugs, drinks and wild dances. A disco ball threw lozenges of light across the walls and artworks, and a glass door opened out to a garden with a heated tent to protect the plants.
Above is a painting I did from a dream. I was just coming out of intense fevers and nightmares from pneumonia, and when the fever broke I had this beautiful, cool dream about a snow bear and a fantastic, crystal city. As a symbol for passing from one state to another I think it works for good thoughts for a new year.
And just to add some extra weather here is a picture sent from a friend of lightning and rainbow together:

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