Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Depraved Life

Since the summer heat has hit the clients have swept off to other locals. Thus I spend my days painting, watching episodes of Ashes to Ashes, and then more painting. I have two fans on and the fire escape door open. The heat sizzles across the asphalt as the afternoon sun hits my building and presses its greedy face against all the windows. Sometimes when my shoulders are tired from keeping the paintbrush moving I lie on the green floor and look up at the studio lights. Some of them have a sparkly pink backwash. Sometimes I sit on the trapeze and look at the painting from an elevated position. It can be useful.
I've always thought that that place (the place where the trapeze hangs in the middle of the space) is one of the best. Ultimate Fung Shui seating. the summer goes...

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HemlockMan said...

Summer heat. There are days that I celebrate it. I'm like a lizard at times, soaking it up. Other moments, I almost curse it.

A new POV is often useful.