Wednesday, July 23, 2008

summer in the city

The dark shadows punched in the garden's green like wormholes, the light sliding off the leaves above these recesses, and the intricate tissue of flowers...
...and now after several days back in the city within a pool of molten air--last night my son and I trekked out to see the first part of The Human Condition, a three hour plus movie directed by Kobayashi and starring Tatsuya Nakadai. The walk to Film Forum was past groups of people who hovered like fish off their favorite coral reefs, bits of jewelry glinting as they shifted to and away from one another. Various eateries gave off red glows and murmurs.
The film was grueling but beautiful. We plan to see the other two parts in the next few days, which brings the entire running time to almost ten hours.
So it is to live in Gotham/Atlantis in the summer.

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