Thursday, December 20, 2007

Eye Feed-kissing the ghost

When my son was very small I didn't get to paint much. I compensated by drawing as much as I could. I was living in an isolated area of upstate NY and began to really miss people. I started xeroxing drawings, collaging, redrawing and collaging and re-xeroxing. Then I made books out of them and sent them to friends. I called them eye feeds.
Eventually I got around to color xerox.....this was before everyone had scanners...and made a book out of drawings, photographed paintings---repainted and collaged. This one was called kissing the ghost, and included the image of Straightforward Magic, other allusions to magic, and a poem called The Painter's Favorite Cliches. This was the cover:

Inside were many variations on particular Wolffian images...

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