Friday, December 7, 2007

Horse Heads

About ten years ago I was asked by my son's teacher if I could make some horse heads for the upcoming play (a Norse myth). I went into the studio and made a small drawing of what I took to be the pattern for a three dimensional head that would fit over a human head. I then enlarged the drawing on heavy bristol board, cut it out, scored the lines and bent it into shape. Many hours later after much gluing, correcting, painting and adding on of ribbons I had two heads--one black and one white.

Here, in mufti, out in the wintry light:

...and here in the midst of theatrical rehearsal as Loki:

..and then, of course, the artist got hold of those heads again and tweaked this little event:


HemlockMan said...

Those are great sylized heads. It must be tough to piece together something like that from a sketch. I had a friend some years ago who could do that kind of thing. I've never tried, but likely beyond my abilities.

Mia Wolff said...

you never know till you try--I had never made anything like that before--just went into the studio and started doing it
its a thrill to atttempt a new aesthetic form...