Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Void Step

This is a triptych that I did several years ago. It has something in common with aerial thinking although not in a literal circus way.
The first canvas (left image) is Red Spirit. The design of his wing's coloration is based on orchids:

The second canvas (middle image) is based on something I saw in the subway. I was waiting on the platform and heard the train coming down the tunnel from the left. I looked to the right, and dead center in the black space was a white, white pigeon flying straight towards the oncoming train. At the last minute it swooped up in a steep arc and avoided the huge rush of metal. I combined that with the idea of old church structure and the gold of the Holy Spirit's white bird emblem. The symbol on the front of the train is a wing. Bird in Subway:

The last canvas (right image) is myself walking down a street in NYC . It is loosely based on a place in the East Village. I had a friend take a whole series of photos of me waking down that street. The vapors of gold and pink are layers of my spiritual self unwinding into the wind.
Wolff Walk:

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