Friday, February 15, 2008

Night Jitney in Cebu

Now I'm deep in the archives or painting stacks or whatever. This is from 1984 and it is a portrait of an Escrima Grandmaster who lived in Cebu City. In the early 80's I traveled there and studied with him for a month. His name was Momoy Canete. Momoy was a nickname. In the Philippines people have wonderful unlikely nicknames. The little boy holding his arm was one of the neighborhood kids who always hung around watching us practice. Next to him is the woman who owned the house where we stayed. Next to her is the mythological Blind Princess who was suppose to have been a master of stick fighting even though blind. Next to her is a nice looking, shirtless guy to round out the group.
All are riding the jitney at night which is pretty much as it was.

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