Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Finding Things

Today the rain pours down on top of the snow and sleet. Cars are crashing, sliding and falling off of parking garages (true--it was on the news). Someone has meat cleavered a shrink to death. A garbage truck has jumped the curb and run down two tourists.
Meanwhile I've been working on the rather dicey job of constructing the pattern to make a catspider in cloth. Not sex & death, but very interesting anyways.
This painting is called: Finding Death. Its my Dali rip-off, with me in circus gear holding our double trapeze.

I'm glad to say that today I found odd triangular shapes were necessary to get the flat shapes to conform to a cat's three dimensional head. I found that my sewing machine was happy to sew and perched jauntily on the edge of my green table.
All is well.

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