Sunday, February 10, 2008

Rich flavors

This evening I went with my son and his grandparents to Bouley--a French restaurant in Tribeca. They serve elaborate, delicately flavored foods with innumerable in between clean-your-palate inventions. For desert we had chocolate souffle with vanilla, chocolate and maple ice cream. On the way out they handed us take home bags with lemon tea cakes, for breakfast they suggested.
The collage of flavors, with their balance of sweet and savory was a delight. The room had curved red painted ceilings with velvet couches. Individual lights and a basket of multi-colored, tightly furled roses were at each table.

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HemlockMan said...

I've never eaten in such a place. I wonder if I could afford such. It sounds amazing.

The part about sending home the cakes reminded me of a story I once heard about Frank Lloyd Wright sending a piece of pottery to a home he had designed long after it had been built.